Clay Club – Wheel Booking

We LOVE wheel pottery throwing and are glad you do too!! You are welcome to book time for practice or creating on one of our wheels, as long as you have either completed one of our courses, or if you have throwing experience, completed the induction.  These wheel bookings are for you to work on your own – there is no teaching.  If you would like to learn throwing or techniques please book onto the half day, day or courses.

The sessions are in 2 hour blocks and you can book as many as you want/need.  There is an expectation that you will clear up and clean everything that you have used, so that the wheels and tools are as you found them by the end of your time slot.  Any breakages will have to be paid for. There will be a little charter for you to sign to ensure everyone is happy! You will be allocated to one of our 9 wheels, or choose when you book!:

Betty; Keith; Laszlo; Clarice; Agnete; Kitty, Prunet; Sidney, Poh – all named after potters.

You can book kiln time for firing and purchase slip/glaze as you need, as well as clay.  This will be charged on use and you can purchase here or in the shop.  We also sell materials, clay and even wheels for you to purchase for use at home.

Just add multiples of 2 hours to the basket as you need at £15 for 2 hours.