Pottery Mug making


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Join us and enjoy making something that is both functional and completely made by you!  During this workshop, you will learn the technique of slab building to make a mug.  You will think about function, texture and style.  you will learn how to bevel an edge and join using scoring and slip.  You will add a base to your mug and learn how to secure a join as well as making a handle using different methods.  You will then use slip to colour your design.  Your mug will be taken away, dried, bisque fired and then glazed and fired again ready for you to collect in approximately 6-8 weeks.

The workshop costs £35 per person which includes all materials, two firings, slip and glaze plus refreshments.  Suitable for Adults and older Children.

6th June 2024 6-8.30pm £35
Venue: Felix Tabitha, The Old Post Office, Emsworth – directions and info sheet here: click here: Felix Tabitha Workshop Courses Retreat Information


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11th and 25th June