Hello all!  Felix Tabitha is a arty, crafty mix of workshops and handmade products.  I work with glass and textiles in my studio in West Sussex, to create handmade gifts and décor.  I also teach workshops in Bognor Regis and Chichester; give taster sessions and inspire groups to ‘have a go’ via talks/demos/workshops.

Contact me for a chat or visit my website bookings, group talks or shop.  Thank you!

Where can you find me?

  • If you would like to book a workshop, arrange a group talk or to buy something, please contact me.
  • Saturday workshops – click here for more info or contact me to book your space

    NEW –  Workshop Dates for 2020.  Fused Glass, Textiles and Sewing and Printing Workshops for this year.  If you have a group that wants to do a workshop, please contact me for other dates/times.

    **  Future dates dependant on Government guidelines and social distancing **
  •  Fused Glass – 2nd May @ 10am *4 spaces left*
  •  Felting and Textiles – 16th May @ 10am
  •  Fused Glass – 30th May @ 10am *2 spaces left*
  •  Fused Glass – 13th June @ 10am
  •  Textiles and Bag making – 13th June @ 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 11th July @ 2pm
  •  Beach huts and Seagull Textiles – 11th July @ 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 8th August @ 10am and 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 5th September @ 10am and 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 3rd October @ 10am and 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 31st October @ 10am and 2pm
  •  Textile Christmas cards – 7th November @ 10am
  •  Screen Printed Christmas paper, tags, tea towels & bags 7th November @ 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 14th November @ 10am and 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 28th November @ 10am and 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 5th December @ 10am
  •  Fused Glass – 12th December @ 10am and 2pm
  •  Fused Glass – 19th December @ 10am and 2pm

Take a look at the ‘Where is F&T’ tab above for more details.